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County Judge of Craighead

Meet Our County Judge

As the County Judge of Craighead County, it is my privilege to cordially welcome each of you to our site. On behalf of the citizens of Craighead County, we appreciate your interest in one of the state's most progressive regions!

Established in 1859 among the rolling hills of Crowley's Ridge, Craighead County is home to Arkansas State University and is a regional center for manufacturing, agriculture, medicine, education, and trade. I am confident that you will find our county to be friendly and our people are just great. Cordially,

Marvin Day

County Judge

Craighead County Judge

Craighead County Annex

511 Union, Room 119

Jonesboro, Arkansas 72401

(870) 933-4500

Marvin Day, Craighead County Judge 



The County Judge is the Chief Executive Officer for Craighead County government in Arkansas. The Judge authorizes and approves the disbursement of all appropriated county funds, operates the system of county roads, administers ordinances enacted by the Quorum Court, has custody of county property, accepts grants from federal, state, public and private sources, and hires county employees except those persons employed by other elected officials of the county.

The County Judge, in addition to other powers and duties provided for by the Constitution and by law, shall preside over the Quorum Court without a vote but with the power of veto.

Marvin Day Bio

Marvin has lived in Jonesboro, AR most of his life.  He is a fifth-generation resident of Craighead County.  As newly-elected Craighead County Judge Marvin was sworn in on January 1, 2019.


  • 1988 Graduate of Jonesboro High School
  • 1992 Graduate of University of Arkansas with a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering.

Professional Experience

  • Licensed Professional Engineer with the State of Arkansas
  • Worked in the family-owned highway and bridge construction business for over 20 years.
  • Worked as a Senior Engineer at City Water and Light in Jonesboro for nearly 8 years.
  • MAPC (Metropolitan Area Planning Commission), Past Chairman
  • Storm Water Advisory Board for the City of Jonesboro and Arkansas State University
  • Master Street Plan Committee, Vice Chairman

County Administrator

Lisa Lawrence Bio

Lisa Lawrence serves as the County Administrator.  Prior to working in the County Judge’s Office, Lisa worked for Craighead County District Court, where she handled the accounting as an independent contractor for 20 years before becoming the District Court Clerk in April 2017. Her duties include grant writing and reporting compliance with awarded grants, financial oversight and assistance with the Craighead County audit. Lisa passed the Certified Public Accountant exam in April 1996, and is licensed as an Inactive CPA.


Code of Ordinances

 Code of Ordinances | Craighead County, AR | Municode Library

Human Resources

Lacey Rush, Human Resources Director


Employment Personnel Policy Handbook

Employee Handbook

Transparency in Coverage

Assured Benefits (ABA) is committed to supporting the Transparency in Coverage Rule by making Machine Readable Files (MRFs) available for ABA self-funded customers on July 1, 2022, at

Purchasing information


Al Haines, Purchasing Agent


Purchasing Policy

Chart of Accounts

Bids and Proposals

Financial Disclosures/Conflict of interest statements  


Subdivision and Re-platting

Subdivision Development or re-platting of existing parcels

Shelly Fulks, Administrative Assistant


With the passage of the Subdivision Ordinance 2019-13 on June 24, 2019, all new subdivision developments and the re-platting of existing parcels now requires County Judge’s approval before filing at the Circuit Clerk’s office.   Plats can be dropped off in the County Judge’s office, 511 Union, Suite 119, for review and approval.   Please plan on 10-20 days for response unless the plat is referred to the Road Committee for review.  In that case, it would be the next Quorum Court committee meeting, which is typically the 2nd Monday of each month. You may call the Judge’s office at 933-4500 to check the status of your plat.

2019-13 Subdivision Ordinance


Travel Information

Craighead County Employee Travel Information



Operating budget

2016 Approved Operating Budget

2017 Approved Operating Budget

2018 Approved Operating Budget

2019 Approved Operating Budget

2020 Approved Operating Budget

2021 Approved Operating Budget

2022 Approved Operating Budget

2023 Approved Operating Budget

Craighead County District Maps

Craighead FINAL [district 01 – A]

Craighead FINAL [district 02 – A]

Craighead FINAL [district 03 – A]

Craighead FINAL [district 04 – A]

Craighead FINAL [district 05 – A]

Craighead FINAL [district 06 – A]

Craighead FINAL [district 07 – A]

Craighead FINAL [district 08 – A]

Craighead FINAL [district 09 – A]

Craighead FINAL [district 10 – A]

Craighead FINAL [district 11 – A]

Craighead FINAL [district 12 – A]

Craighead FINAL [district 13 – A]

Craighead JP District [FINAL countywide]

To access the county interactive map, go to

Click the yellow folder icon the top bar of the webpage Expand the menus in the “Map Contents” box. Click any information you want to see on the map. Unclick those you don’t want to see.

Quorum Court


Quorum Court Members

2021 Quorum Court meeting schedule

2022 Quorum Court meeting schedule

2023 Quorum Court meeting schedule

New Craighead County Maps

Click the yellow folder icon the top bar of the webpage.

To see the new Justice of the Peace districts, unclick the "Jonesboro Data" and "Transparent Layers" boxes. Expand the menu in the “County Data” box.  Scroll to the bottom of the menu and check the "JP Districts 2021" box. This will show you the new Justice of the Peace districts.

There are many other districts you can layer on top of the JP Districts if you wish. Click any information you want to see on the map. Unclick those you don’t want to see.

County Fire Protection District Boards

Agreed-Upon Procedures for Fire Districts and Annual Reporting to the Quorum Court

County Fire Protection Districts Agreed-Upon Procedure Reports

Southridge Volunteer Fire

Bono Fire

Cash Fire

Philadelphia Fire

Valley View Fire

Brookland Fire


Mary dawn marshall county clerk

Mary Dawn Marshall

County Clerk’s Office

511 South Main St. # 202

Jonesboro, Arkansas 72401

(870) 933-4520

Craighead County Clerk

The County Clerk is the official bookkeeper of the county and serves as the clerk for the county, quorum and probate courts. The County Clerk serves as secretary of the Board of Equalization and records the minutes of their meetings. The County Clerk is the official voter registrar, issues marriage licenses and keeps a record of all firms in the county, which have incorporated and also is responsible for payroll records and accounts payable.

County Clerk Webpage and Forms


 Voter Registration info

Voter Registration Information

 Press Release 4.19.2023

 Marriage Licenses


Western District Marriage License Search


Eastern District Marriage License Search

Accounts Payable



Equalization Board



David vaughn

David Vaughn, Craighead County Circuit Court Clerk

511 South Main St. # 200

Jonesboro, Arkansas 72401

(870) 933-4530

Craighead County Circuit Clerk

The Circuit Clerk is the clerk of the circuit, domestic relations and juvenile court, and is also the ex-officio county recorder and is responsible for recording deeds, mortgages, liens, surety bonds and the county collector of child support. The Circuit Clerk also swears in all notary publics. The circuit clerk prepares summons, warrants, orders, judgments, and injunctions authorized by the circuit, domestic relations and juvenile court for delivery by the county sheriff.


Acceptable Document Types for eRecording in Craighead County, AR


Administrators Deed



Amended Bill Of Assurance

Amended Master Deed

Amended Mortgagees Deed

Amended Mortgagees Notice

Amended Trustees Notice


Assignment Of Rents

Beneficiary Deed

Bill Of Assurance

Cancellation Notice

Cemetery Deed

Commissioners Deed


Corrected Affidavit

Corrected Assignment

Corrected Assignment Of Rents

Corrected Beneficiary Deed

Corrected Bill Of Assurance

Corrected Commissioners Deed

Corrected Deed

Corrected Deed Of Trust

Corrected Executors Deed

Corrected Extension

Corrected Fiduciary Deed

Corrected Guardians Deed

Corrected Modification

Corrected Mortgage

Corrected Mortgagees Deed

Corrected Mortgagees Notice

Corrected Partial Release Deed

Corrected Power Of Attorney

Corrected Quit Claim Deed

Corrected Release Deed

Corrected Subordination

Corrected Trustees Deed

Corrected Warranty Deed

Death Certificate

Dedication Deed


Deed In Lieu Of FC

Deed Of Cancellation

Deed Of Trust


Executors Deed


Fiduciary Deed

Forfeited Lands

Gift Deed

Guardians Deed

Marshals Deed

Master Deed

Master Mortgage

Memorandum Of Trust

Mineral Deed



Mortgagees Deed

Mortgagees Notice

Partial Release Deed



Power Of Attorney

Quit Claim Deed

Redemption Deed


Release Deed

Right Of Way

Second Deed Of Trust

Second Mortgage


Substitution Of Trustee


Timber Deed

Trustees Deed

Trustees Notice

UCC Fixture Filing

Warranty Deed

Terry McNattTimcnatt

Craighead County Treasurer Office

511 South Main St. # 205

Jonesboro, Arkansas 72401

(870) 933-4540


The County Treasurer is the disbursement officer of the county, and is the unofficial or quasi comptroller. The Treasurer is responsible for the custody and disbursement of all county funds and school district funds. The Treasurer receives county tax collections, county turn back funds, federal matching funds, state aid to school district funds and revenues from various other sources. After receiving this revenue, the Treasurer distributes the money to the various taxing units of the county.

Terry McNatt Biography:

Terry was born and raised in the community of Dixie Arkansas, which is located in Eastern Craighead County.  The son of a farmer and public school teacher, Terry learned the lessons of hard work and the value of education at a very young age.   Sworn in as Treasurer of Craighead County in 2013, Terry has made it his mission to lead in transparency, conservatism, honesty, and integrity.


  • 1987 Graduate of Brookland Public School
  • 1992 Graduate of Arkansas State University with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Accounting

 Professional Experience:

  •  National Society of Accountants
  • Arkansas Society of Accountants
  • Retired Arkansas Law Enforcement Officer
  • Private business owner
  • Brookland Public Schools Board of Directors
  • President of Arkansas Treasurers Association
  • Legislative Director for Arkansas Associations of Counties

Approved Operating Budget

2016 Approved Operating Budget

2017 Approved Operating Budget

2018 Approved Operating Budget

2019 Approved Operating Budget

2020 Approved Operating Budget

2021 Approved Operating Budget

2022 Approved Operating Budget

2023 Approved Operating Budget

Craighead County Online Checkbook

Annual Audit Reports for Craighead County

Financial statement for year ending December 31, 2022

Financial statement for year ending December 31, 2021

Financial statement for year ending December 31, 2020

Financial statement for year ending December 31, 2019

Financial statement for year ending December 31, 2018

Financial statement for year ending December 31, 2017

Financial statement for year ending December 31, 2016

Links of School Districts, Cities and Financial Institutions







Valley View


Greene County Tech


Black Oak







Lake City


Arvest Bank

First Community Bank

Centennial Bank

Regions Bank

Southern Bank



First National Bank

Focus Bank


First Security Bank

Simmons Bank

Encore Bank

Unico Bank

Success Credit Union

First National Bank - WR

Bank of America

Evolve Bank & Trust

Premier Bank

Armor Bank

Farmers & Merchants Bank

Monthly Financial Reports

Monthly Financial Reports May 2020

Monthly Financial Reports for June 2020

Monthly Financial Reports for July 2020

Monthly Financial Reports for August 2020

Monthly Financial reports for September 2020

Monthly financial reports for October 2020

Monthly Financial Reports for November 2020

Monthly Financial Reports for December 2020

Monthly Financial Reports for January 2021

Monthly Financial Reports for February 2021

Monthly Financial Reports for March 2021

Monthly Financial Reports for April 2021

Monthly Financial Report for May 2021

Monthly Financial Reports for June 2021

Monthly Financial Reports for July 2021

Monthly Financial Reports for August 2021

Monthly Financial Reports for September 2021

Monthly Financial Reports for October 2021

Monthly Financial Reports for November 2021

Monthly Financial Statements for December 2021

Monthly Financial Reports for January 2022

Monthly Financial Reports for February 2022

Monthly Financial Reports for March 2022

Monthly Financial Reports for April 2022

Monthly Financial Reports for May 2022

Monthly Financial Reports for June 2022

Monthly Financial Reports for July 2022

Monthly Financial Reports for August 2022

Monthly Financial Reports for September 2022

Monthly Financial Reports for October 2022

Monthly Financial Reports for November 2022

Monthly Financial Reports for December 2022

Monthly Financial Report for January 2023

Monthly Financial Report for February 2023

Monthly Financial Reports for March 2023

Monthly Financial Report For April 2023

Monthly Financial Reports for May 2023

Monthly Financial Reports for June 2023

Monthly Financial Report for July 2023

Wesley Eddington
Craighead County Tax Collector

The Tax Collector is the collector of taxes for the county and collects municipal, county, school and improvement district taxes and turns them over to the County Treasurer. The Collector is responsible for collecting all property taxes from the first day of March to the 15th day of October during the calendar year after they are assessed.

Pay online at

Wesley Eddington 511 Union Street, Suite 107 Jonesboro, AR 72401

Phone:(870) 933-4560  Fax:(870) 933-4519  E-Mail:

By statute, the collector is required to turn over all tax revenue to the treasurer at least once a month. Taxpayers may pay their taxes in installments with one-fourth of the total being due between March 1 and April, one-fourth being due between April and July, and the remaining one-half between July and October 15 (ACA 26-36-20).

Any real or personal property taxes not paid by the 15 day of October are considered delinquent and the collector extends a 10% penalty against the taxpayer (ACA 26-35-501). Before December 1st of each year, the collector of taxes shall prepare a list of delinquent personal property taxes and deliver a copy of the list to a legal newspaper in the county. Within seven (7) days thereafter, the newspaper shall publish the list.

If there is no newspaper in the county or district, the publication shall be in the nearest newspaper having a general circulation in the county or districts for which the list is being published. (ACA 26-36-203)

Tax Collection Reports

For year 2022:

January 2022

February 2022

March 2022

April 2022

May 2022

June 2022

Craighead County Assessor


Contact Information: 

Craighead County Assessor
511 Union St Suite 130
Jonesboro AR 72401
Phone: 870-933-4570
Fax: 870-933-4522


Dates to Remember:

Deadline to Assess - May 31

Assessments After May 31 Receive 10% Penalty

EQ Board 1st Meeting August 2

EQ Appointment Deadline August 16

Taxes Due by October 15


Mickey Marshall, Craighead County Maintenance Supervisor


Phone: 870-819-7004

Building Maintenance is responsible for the maintenance of county buildings and grounds.   

                     Logo 2Craighead County District Court Judge



Click for Case Information

Pay onlinePay District Court Fines

NcourtPost Bond Online

Contact the District Court Clerk at 870-933-4509, 870-933-4508 and 870-933-4581 or visit 410 West Washington Avenue, Jonesboro AR 72401. Fines can be paid by cash, cashier check, money order, credit, or debit card.

Online Record Search for cases that occurred BEFORE August 1, 2018 can be found at




Craighead County District Court is asking for your patience as we have transitioned to a new computer program as of August 1, 2018. Expect longer wait times if you choose to handle your business in person. If you are able, please pay citations and payment plans through Thank you for your patience.

Pending charges are being entered so that you can look up your case information. Please visit to view upcoming court dates and see the status of your cases.

Road Department

John James, Road Superintendent

The Road Department’s primary function is to take care of 1300 miles of paved and gravel road; 1100 miles gravel, and ~200 miles of hard surface. The department is also responsible for drainage up and down the county road, and maintenance of the county’s road and bridge infrastructure. The County Road Department has its own Bridge Department as well.

Email the Road Department

Application for Employment ( Must Print )

Read More

Sheriff’s Department

“Craighead County is located in the Northeast corner of Arkansas and touches Missouri on our northernmost border. Craighead County covers 717 square miles with a population of 96,443 .

Craighead County is one of the few in Arkansas that has dual county seats.

Read More

Information Technology

The Information Technology (IT) department maintains communications and integrity of Craighead County’s network infrastructure, hardware, and security.

Read More

Juvenile Court

Amy Powell

Authorize the detention and release of juveniles when arrested for delinquent offenses. Advise law enforcement agencies of procedures when arresting and/or charging juvenile offenders. Review juvenile delinquency or Family in Need of Services (FINS)cases and submit them to the…

Read More


Terry Wilkins, Craighead County Veterans Service Officer

Marisol Cordova, Craighead County Veterans Service Officer Assistant

Craighead County Veterans Service Office


Jonesboro, Arkansas 72401

OFFICE 870-933-4598

FAX 870-933-4580

Appointments are scheduled on Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. by calling the office ahead of time. Walk-ins are available every day from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Assistance is available to veterans at the Lake City Courthouse, 107 Cobean Blvd, Lake City as needed.  A track chair is available for check-out to all Arkansas Veterans.

Veterans Service Office Duties

The duties of the Veterans Service Office are to counsel, advise, and assist military service veterans, veteran’s survivors and their dependents in obtaining benefits provided for them by county, state and federal laws.  Review and file claims for eligible veterans to receive benefits.  Assists with burial benefits for military service veterans and their families.  Provide help in ordering DD214s and military medical records for veterans who don’t have their copies from their time on active duty.  Acquire yearly tax letters for eligible veterans if they haven’t received them.

2022 Veterans Day parade

November 5, 2022 Veterans Day parade, Main Street, Downtown Jonesboro.  Come support our nations'  heroes and their families for their service.  Register for the Parade at: or call Marvin Jumper at 870-761-2735. Best viewing areas include: either side of Main Street, between Jefferson Street and Huntington Avenue.  Click here for more information

Lake City Courthouse

Eastern District

Lake City Courthouse, 107 Cobean Blvd, Lake City, Arkansas 

Services provided: 

County Clerk, Assessor, Tax Collector, Circuit Court, phone 870-237-4342

District Court, phone 870-237-4142

Sheriff's Office, phone 870-237-4511

Department of Revenue, phone 870-237-4421