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Anthony Coy, Floodplain Manager


The mission of the Floodplain Office of Craighead County is to provide flood hazard identification, remediation, regulation, and education to the people in Craighead County so that they can reduce their risks of injury, death and property damage due to flooding.

Craighead County adopted the NFIP Floodplain Management Program in 2004 and fully enforces Floodplain guidelines for building within the floodplain.  The Floodplain Manager, Anthony Coy, is located in the Craighead County Annex, 511 Union, Room 5, Jonesboro, Arkansas 72401.  Contact Anthony at acoy@craigheadcounty.org, office 870-933-4575 if you have questions concerning your property or future property to insure the floodplain status. Floodplain permits will be available at this location with the proper documentation to build in the floodplain areas of Craighead County.

Click on map below to view property located within the floodplain 

Floodplain Permit Application Packet

Floodplain Permit Application Instructions

Craighead County GIS map

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